Sew Sharifa: Infinity Scarves

Cover Image

“Sew Sharifa” is a new series that documents the items I sew. It is great because you get to see the creative things I make and it encourages me to sew wearable clothing and accessories.

The first project in my “Sew Sharifa” series is the infinity scarf. Cold weather has arrived and I need to stay warm whenever I journey outside. The only scarves I own are light summer scarves and those do not keep me warm at all. I have always wanted an infinity scarf. They are warm, stylish and easy to wear and make. I followed this tutorial from TheCraftyGemini on Youtube. Here are two infinity scarves that I created.


The first one was a simple charcoal pink, knit scarf.

8 Picture2

My second scarf was a bit more complicated. I started by using a silky, gray knit fabric to make the majority of it. I then added some turquoise fabric that I personally screen printed black butterflies onto.

7 Picture3

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