Joy to the World (A Christmas DIY)

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Learn how to make these festive fabric letters and bring a little joy to your holiday season!



At least 1 ½ yards of fabric
I used ½ yard per letter.
A foam board or cardboard
A large cut out of the word “JOY” for tracing
I created my “JOY” cut out by using an entire sheet of 8.5”x11” cardstock for each letter. I free handed my letters before cutting. You can, of course, type “JOY” in a Word document and then print it out.


X-Acto knife
Regular glue
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
3 paper clips (optional)
Writing tool

Let’s get started!

Trace your “JOY” onto the foam board. Use an X-Acto knife to cut out your letters.


Now you will cut fabric for the front and back of your letters. To cut fabric for the back, flip the fabric to its wrong side. Trace and then cut the letter to its exact size. For the front of the letter, flip the fabric to its right side. Trace and then cut the letters with at least an extra ½ inch allowance of fabric. See image below for a visual.


Glue the fabric to the foam letters using the regular glue. I used a paintbrush to evenly spread glue on the letters before carefully placing the fabric down.


This step takes a little bit of patience. You need to hot glue the extra ½ inch allowance fabric to the back of your letters. To make it fit nicely behind the letter, cut small nips anywhere the fabric curves. Pull the allowance tight for a more defined letter.

5 6


Joy to the World! You’re done with this tutorial!

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