Triangular Pyramid Wristlet (Sew Sharifa)


Last week I had the urge to make a new handbag. I usually sew a basic clutch bag, but this time I wanted to challenge myself with a new, complex handbag design. I came across a forgotten triangular pyramid wristlet tutorial in the ‘likes’ section of my YouTube account and decided to go for it. I was a bit nervous because I had not worked with triangular pyramids since ninth grade Geometry (lol), but thankfully this project turned out a lot better than I expected.

Materials & Preparation

I decided to make two versions of this triangular pyramid wristlet. I strictly followed the tutorial for the first clutch (Wristlet #1), but added my own twist to the second one (Wristlet #2). I hand-painted the fabric I used to create Wristlet #1 with white, light blue and silver glitter paint. I matched this fabric with a lavender zipper. For Wristlet #2, I hand-bleached some blue jean fabric and paired it with a magenta zipper. The wristlets’ bottoms and outer tabs were made with brown vegan leather.

The sides of the triangular pyramid wristlets were backed with canvas to add structure to the design. I left the interior of Wristlet #1 with raw edges- not adding any lining. I used a colorful, bold print fabric to line Wristlet #2.

I made pattern pieces for this project using plain white paper. I cut one equilateral triangle for the bottom of the pyramid and one isosceles triangle for the sides (see image for measurements). Using the pattern, I cut three isosceles triangles and one equilateral triangle to create each wristlet.

Materials for Wristlet #2


I used a zigzag stitch to attach the canvas to the exterior fabric. Then, I stitched the three sides of the pyramid together, adding the zipper and tab as instructed in the tutorial. With my pyramid inside out, I carefully connected the base. For Wristlet #2, I added zipper ends and a lining to provide a clean finish. I plan on making a handle that will be looped into the outer tabs’ rings (DIY coming soon!).

Pieces of Wristlet #1

Finished Product

This handbag is SUPER cool. I love its unique and quirky design. I can use this bag to hold cosmetics, money, my phone or anything small that comes in handy. I plan on making more and improving upon my current design.

Wristlet #1 and Wristlet #2, respectively

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– Sharifa Creates –

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Job 19:25

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