Do-It-Yourself Beach Bag


Day 5 of 21 Days of Creativity

Earlier this week I went on a mini beach vacation with my family. It would have been great if I had brought a beach bag with me because I needed something to hold my beach essentials. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I could easily make a beach bag using a popular clothing item: a t-shirt. There’s always next time!

Here’s how to make a beach bag out of a t-shirt.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200



(can be new or used, your choice)



Needle and Thread OR Sewing Machine



Step 1: Iron your t-shirt and lay it on a flat surface. Cut off the sleeves and head opening following the guidelines marked below.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Step 2: Turn the t-shirt wrong side out and align the sleeve openings with one another. Sew a horizontal line 1” above the bottom of your t-shirt.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Step 3: Flip your bag right side out, stuff it with goodies and head to the beach!

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Optional: Personalize your bag by placing a cool design on it.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Note: A good thing about this beach bag is that you can just throw it in the washer machine to cleanse it of sand and the smell of sea water.

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