Creating for Yourself


Sharing my creative work through blogging and social media is a new experience for me. It’s exciting to see how others react to my work. However, I don’t want to get so caught up in sharing that I only create for likes on Instagram. To find a balance, I went back to the basics and began creating artwork solely for myself.

I encourage you to create for yourself! Take time to be in the moment and create in your desired medium whether it’s painting, sewing, crafting or writing. This should be a peaceful and freeing process that allows you to work with no pressure. Create things that are beautiful and ugly, meaningful and nonsensical. Experiment with new media and develop your aesthetic and skill set.

As you work, you will learn new things about yourself. You may find that you prefer collaging flowers to drawing them or that a certain genre of music makes you more productive.

After you finish a piece of artwork, take time to value it without the critique or appreciation of others. What emotions do you feel looking at it? Can you find the beauty in it?

You can never create too much artwork for yourself, so repeat this process over and over again. If you choose to share what you’ve created later on, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make it your goal to create for you and not social media.

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