Under the Sea Collection | Behind the Scenes

done artwork

Last November I opened an online shop by the name of Sharifa Creates Studio to sell my original pieces of abstract art. When I first started the shop, I pretty much painted whatever came to my mind and listed it in the shop. Nothing was wrong with this process, but I really wanted to be intentional and create cohesive bodies of work. I did just that earlier this year when I released my first series, the Unicorn Love Collection (it’s pretty magical). And, two weeks ago I released my second series of paintings entitled Under the Sea. This collection definitely captures the essence of mermaids, beaches, and the underwater world. The crazy thing is that I did not plan for this collection to be ocean themed. It naturally took on that life!

For today’s blog I’m taking you behind the scenes of Under the Sea. I will show and explain what it took for me to create this collection!


Like any form of creating, I consider painting to be a form of worship. It brings me so much peace and I feel like I’m communicating with God through the process. Abstract painting in particular is completely freeing because there is no right or wrong way to do it. Before I begin, I pray and ask God to guide my creative process so that what I make reflects and honors Him. For the Under the Sea collection, I would work super early in the morning and late in the afternoon at my kitchen table, so that I would be in a quiet environment, free of distractions.

me painting again

Work In Progress

Generally, when I start creating, I have an idea of what I want the final product to look like. This time around I had no idea! I am inspired by color and texture, so I knew that I wanted to use aqua green and a few complementary colors to create a smooth, buttery texture.

paint blobs

aqua painted canvas

aqua colored canvas and other colors

When I first began working, I used aqua green ink to color the background and painted dashes of pink, metallic white, lilac, and cobalt blue onto the canvas with a palette knife. I placed gold sequins and large flakes of multicolored glitter on the canvas. I took a step back and realized that these elements were overwhelming. I decided to cover the remaining canvases entirely with the dashes of the complementary colors.

paint smudge on canvas

painting with sequins

work in progress painting

The most exciting part of creating Under the Sea was adding glitter! While the paint was still wet, I added wisps of fine white glitter and sprinkled a mixture of blue, magenta, and gold glitter onto the canvas.

mixed glitter

work in progress painting close up

wet paint and glitter


finished under the sea artwork

It took me two separate days to make this series. I made three miniature five by seven inch paintings and two ten inch square paintings. After completing the series I looked it over and could have sworn that I heard Sebastian singing Under the Sea loud and clear. They gave me serious Little Mermaid vibes, so I had to name them appropriately.

completed under the sea artwork

Purchase an Under the Sea painting (or two) by visiting scstudio.bigcartel.com! Don’t delay. These are originals and once they are gone, they are gone for good! Click the image below to shop.


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2 thoughts on “Under the Sea Collection | Behind the Scenes

  1. This is lovely. I did some paintings with glitter myself and enjoyed it very much. My art teacher at the time was shocked and said: “Do you really want to go that road?” I like your pictures so much, I think I’ll do some glitzy bits ones again myself.

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