3 Lessons Learned from #21days21paintings

21 days 21 paintings

At the beginning of May I took on a 21 Days 21 Paintings challenge on my Instagram account for Sharifa Creates Studio, @scstudioofficial. My goal was to paint and showcase 21 paintings for 21 days straight. I have to admit that I fell behind a few days, but was determined to finish the challenge strong. Through it I learned a few things about myself and creating. Here are three lessons I learned from the 21 Days 21 Paintings Challenge.

1. I actually do have time to paint EVERY DAY!

Prior to this challenge, I found it almost impossible to paint every day. I made every excuse in the book: no time, no space, and no way. But with the challenge, I found myself painting at every opportunity just to complete a day. I would quickly create a painting right before dinner or early in the morning. When painting was simply something I wanted to do, I did not make it a priority. Now I see painting as something I need to do, so I schedule time for it.

abstract art

2. Big surprises come on small canvases.

I always held the idea that artwork had to be grand in scale. Much of my work is at least 20”x30” in size. But with the challenge, I wanted to see what I could create given a smaller space. I found that as long as I poured out my best work, my art would be beautiful.

acrylic paintings

3. Creativity has no boundaries!

The last and most important lesson I learned is that I can do anything with my artwork. Abstract art, especially, does not have to look a certain way. With 21 Days 21 Paintings, I tested the limits. I experimented with everything from textures and raised paint to literally piling glitter and sequins onto my canvases. This challenge helped me to develop my own unique aesthetic as an abstract artist.


I encourage you to take on a challenge that will spark the creativity within you. You never know where it may take you!

What Galaxy Do You Live In

I’m currently preparing my paintings for sale and will list them in Sharifa Creates Studio before the June ends. This way you can have a piece of the 21 Days 21 Paintings Challenge for yourself. View all 21 days on @scstudioofficial.

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