Ombré Glitter Candle Holder DIY

glitter votives diy

Today’s DIY project is for an ombré glitter candle holder. I made similar candle holders last year for a friend’s wedding. I created an entire tutorial- pictures, video, the whole works, but never posted it. The perfectionist within got to me. But today, I decided that enough was enough. If I wait for perfect, nothing will ever happen.


materials glitter votive

To make an ombré glitter candle holder, you will need a glass candle holder, three colors of glitter (that create a gradient), Mod Podge, and a paintbrush or sponge. You will also need a disposable plate (for pouring glitter) and either a real candle or a tea light.


Paint the bottom portion of the candle holder with Mod Podge.

mod podge glass

Now to add glitter! There are three ways:

(1) Pour some glitter onto the disposable plate. Roll the wet portion of candle holder in the glitter.

roll in glitter

(2) Sprinkle the glitter directly onto the Mod Podge and shake off any excess.

glitter on glass

(3) Mix twice the amount of glitter with Mod Podge. Paint this mixture onto the candle holder.

glitter layer

I ended up using a combination of all three. Do what works best for you!

Repeat the previous steps with the two remaining colors of glitter. Let the second color sit right above the first and the third above the second. The goal is to create a gradient, so make each section of glitter lighter and smaller than the previous. Also, it’s okay if the layers are uneven. This creates a more natural ombré effect.

Let the glitter dry. If you notice any gaps, go back in with more glitter and Mod Podge to fill them in. Place your candle or tea light in it and you’re ready for action. These ombré glitter candle holders make beautiful wedding, party, and home décor. Get to crafting!

ombre glitter votive

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Take 15 minutes today to read, write down and meditate on this scripture:

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.”

Ecclesiastes 11:4 (TLB)

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