Kingdom Love


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s a lot of talk about what true love is. Many people define love based on the loyalty, gifts, and efforts of another person. However, the Kingdom’s definition of love is completely different from the world’s. Learn about God’s love for us and the call to love in these blog posts!

God’s Unconditional Love

God’s love is unconditional! He gives it freely and consistently because we are His daughters. God does not require anything from us in return for His love.

Love and Obedience

Where love is rooted obedience will follow. If your love is rooted in money, you’ll desperately try to attain it. If your love is rooted in people, you’ll spend your whole life trying to make them happy. However, if your love is rooted in Christ, you will live for God and His will.


Self-love is a popular topic of conversation among millennial women. A number of social media platforms, podcasts, and events have been created to explore what it means to love you. As this social movement gains momentum, these questions remain – what is self-love and how can you love yourself?

Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

No man is an island. God created you to serve and fellowship with others. It’s a call birthed from His unconditional love. The way God loves is how He desires you to love!

Take time this month to read each of these blog posts. True love awaits you!

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Love God

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