Ombré Glitter Candle Holder DIY

glitter votives diy

Today’s DIY project is for an ombré glitter candle holder. I made similar candle holders last year for a friend’s wedding. I created an entire tutorial- pictures, video, the whole works, but never posted it. The perfectionist within got to me. But today, I decided that enough was enough. If I wait for perfect, nothing will ever happen. Continue reading “Ombré Glitter Candle Holder DIY”

Inspirational Letter Banner DIY


It doesn’t take much for me to get off track while working. A notification on my phone, a yawn of tiredness, social media- they all prove to be distractions. I needed a reminder to stay focused. Then I thought of the obvious. Why don’t I just put the phrase “stay focused” on the wall over my desk? Every time I hear Facebook calling my name, all I would have to do is look up and be reminded to stay focused. So, I created a simple, pineapple-ly letter banner with this phrase to help me out (and it does!). In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to make your own inspirational letter banner that will encourage you through the day. Continue reading “Inspirational Letter Banner DIY”

3 Lessons Learned from #21days21paintings

21 days 21 paintings

At the beginning of May I took on a 21 Days 21 Paintings challenge on my Instagram account for Sharifa Creates Studio, @scstudioofficial. My goal was to paint and showcase 21 paintings for 21 days straight. I have to admit that I fell behind a few days, but was determined to finish the challenge strong. Through it I learned a few things about myself and creating. Here are three lessons I learned from the 21 Days 21 Paintings Challenge. Continue reading “3 Lessons Learned from #21days21paintings”

How To Make A Splatter Paint Ring Holder

ring jewelry tray

Lately, I have been obsessed with rings. I love rings that can be layered, so I usually purchase bulk packs from Forever 21 to mix and match. With all of the rings that I collect, I needed a place to store and easily access them. So, in typical fashion, I saw this as an opportunity to make my own ring holder. It took no time for me to create and customize my ring holder. I’m talking about less than 30 minutes type of fast. In today’s blog post I will show you exactly how I made my splatter paint ring holder. Continue reading “How To Make A Splatter Paint Ring Holder”

21 Days 21 Paintings Week One Recap

What Galaxy Do You Live In

Last Tuesday, I started an Instagram challenge called 21 Days 21 Paintings on Sharifa Creates Studio’s Instagram account, @scstudioofficial. My goal is to post one new painting a day for 21 days straight. Why? I want to make painting a part of my daily routine (I own an online art shop after all), and the experts of the internet say that it takes 21 days to form a habit.

I completed my first week of the 21 Days 21 Paintings on Monday. During the first week, I experimented with textures, splattered a ton of paint, and poured on the glitter! It was a freeing week of self-expression and week two is proving to be even more exciting. Don’t believe me? Check out the paintings from week one to see for yourself. Continue reading “21 Days 21 Paintings Week One Recap”