My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers


The most popular blog post by far on Sharifa Creates has been My Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers. In it, I only listed three vloggers, so I’m back with a full list of 10! Hopefully this list will help you to learn everything you need to know about sewing and garment construction. Continue reading “My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers”

My Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers


This post has been updated! Check out My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers.

In 4 Ways to Spark Creativity, I mentioned that one way to become inspired is through learning new techniques. I practice this by reading numerous craft books, scrolling through Pinterest and, most recently, watching YouTube video tutorials. Of the DIY video tutorials available, I especially enjoy sewing vlogs. When it comes to sewing, the best way I learn is by watching, not reading.

Any time I want to make a new piece of clothing, I head straight to YouTube. There are vloggers that teach everything from threading a needle to constructing prom dresses. I even created a YouTube channel to share my knowledge of sewing and crafting.

I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite sewing vloggers. I hope you find them and their channels as informative as I do. Continue reading “My Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers”

Do-It-Yourself Beach Bag


Day 5 of 21 Days of Creativity

Earlier this week I went on a mini beach vacation with my family. It would have been great if I had brought a beach bag with me because I needed something to hold my beach essentials. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I could easily make a beach bag using a popular clothing item: a t-shirt. There’s always next time!

Here’s how to make a beach bag out of a t-shirt. Continue reading “Do-It-Yourself Beach Bag”

Quirky Sleeveless Circle Dress – Sew Sharifa

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Day 4 of 21 Days of Creativity

Two years ago I was gifted with a strange hexagon patterned, knit fabric for Christmas. At that time, the design was so quirky that I did not know what to use it for. Pajama pants? A t-shirt? A maxi skirt? I had no idea! It was only recently that I embraced this fabric’s strange pattern and decided to create a Quirky Sleeveless Circle Dress. Continue reading “Quirky Sleeveless Circle Dress – Sew Sharifa”

Pink Pineapple Laptop Case – Sew Sharifa

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Day 3 of 21 Days of Creativity

Last week, I challenged myself to sew a case for my laptop. I searched Pinterest and different sewing blogs for a tutorial, but I could not find one that was easy to follow. I had to figure out how to make a laptop case on my own.   Continue reading “Pink Pineapple Laptop Case – Sew Sharifa”