4 Ways to Spark Creativity

4 Ways to Spark CreativityI find it difficult at times to put my paintbrush to canvas or thread to fabric and create. This can be extremely frustrating for me and other artist because (1) it is time consuming, (2) it is a damper on our spirits, and (3) many of our livelihoods depend on producing creative work. Thankfully, I have found ways to help light that creative spark. My hope is that they will help you as well. I present to you four ways to spark creativity in your everyday life.


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50th Birthday Party Decorations

50th birthday party cover image

Earlier this month, my family and I celebrated my mother’s 50th birthday. It’s a blessing to make half a century. My siblings and I contributed our expertise to make my mother’s day extra special. Some cooked while others provided entertainment. Being the crafty person I am, I created decorations just for the occasion. Keep reading to see them for yourself! Continue reading “50th Birthday Party Decorations”