The Freedom To Create


God has blessed women with the gift of creativity. We create everything from breathtaking art and life changing engineering technologies to beautiful children and nurturing environments. Society may favor certain gifts over others, but God has a plan for them all. It is our responsibility to use what we create to glorify God.

We are also blessed with the freedom to create. Jesus’ sacrifice on cavalry Continue reading “The Freedom To Create”

Sharifa Creates’ Shift & Re-brand

sharifa creates artwork

Happy New Year! I’m excited for 2018 and all of the opportunities it has to offer. What I’m most excited about is the direction God is taking this blog. He has allowed me to run this blog for three solid years. I’ve used it as an outlet to showcase my creative gifts, sharing numerous art and craft DIY projects and, in the past year, I started writing inspirational posts through my Motivational Monday series. I’m grateful that God allows me to be a light to others. While I will Continue reading “Sharifa Creates’ Shift & Re-brand”

12 Scriptures to Inspire Creatives


Being a creative is fulfilling, but it can be a challenge at times. We face opposition from critics who believe that art is not a necessity. They try to discourage creatives from pursuing our passions by constantly presenting us with the stereotypical, starving artist. And, when an organization makes budget cuts, the arts are usually the first sector to go.

Whether you’re a visual artist, writer, performing artist or social media guru, I’m here to tell you that your creative gift has a purpose. If God blessed you with that gift, IT HAS A PURPOSE! Don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise. It’s your responsibility to use your gift for good regardless of the fears and doubts of yourself or anyone else. You have to let your light shine through! Continue reading “12 Scriptures to Inspire Creatives”

Why Create?

Why Create-

Day 13 of 21 Days of Creativity

Today’s blog post is a little different from what you are used to seeing on Sharifa Creates. It caters to the Spirituality and Inspiration portion of my blog. Feel free to respond to the question above in the comments section!

Why create?

Questions that start with why can be hard to answer, but for this question, my answer comes easy. I create because it is what I was made to do. Think about it. God is the ultimate creator. He created the heavens and earth and everything good within it (Genesis 1). God made us in His image (Genesis 1:27), gifting us with the ability to create. Some of us create Continue reading “Why Create?”

21 Days of Creativity


Hey everyone! I am back from vacation, well rested and ready to push out some new content. Tomorrow marks the start of my first blog series, 21 Days of Creativity! I will be posting creative content, Monday through Friday, for the entire month of August. 21 days total. Some pretty amazing stuff is coming your way, so get excited! Follow this series through Instagram using the hashtag #21daysofcreativity. You can participate in 21 Days of Creativity by tagging images of your creative projects with the previous hashtag and #sharifacreates. See you tomorrow!

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