Graduation Dinner Party Decorations

Cover Photo

Although it feels just like yesterday, the 17th of this month will mark three months since I graduated from college. Graduations are a time for celebration and I did just that with my closest friends by having a graduation dinner party. It was a simple, yet enjoyable event that all of my friends could participate in. I held my party a month after graduation to avoid hectic after graduation plans (other parties, moving out, etc.) and the official start of post-graduation life.

I planned everything from the decorations to the food and drinks. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to photograph the tasty goodness, but I did take pictures of the decorations.

Flower Ball 2



The color scheme included my favorite colors balanced with neutral hues- a bubble gum pink, light pink, white and silver. I used tissue paper to make the large flower balls and hanging tassels. Pink and cream flowers held in an owl vase (dedicated to my alma matter) served as my table center piece.

Minature graduation caps

My table cover was cream fabric covered with pink and gold polka-dots. I made these cute Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup graduation caps as part of the table decoration. My guest loved these!

Before the end of the week I will post a D.I.Y. for the tissue paper flowers.

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