#diydorm: Throw Pillows

purple pillow black a

For this D.I.Y. you must have a basic understanding of sewing.



1. Pillow fluff

2. ½ yard of fabric of your choice

3. Needle and thread

4. Scissors

5. Ruler


  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing pins
  • Chalk or some other marking device for fabric

I purchased 20 oz. of Morning Glory Premium Polyester Fiberfil from Walmart. This was more than enough to fill one pillow. Outside of Walmart, fluff can be found at any fabric or craft store for reasonable prices. Fluff comes in various textures ranging from hard to soft, so choose the texture that you are most comfortable with.


The use of a sewing machine is optional. If you prefer to hand sew all the way, go for it!


Begin by folding your fabric in half, wrong sides out (this means that the fabric’s pattern or main texture is on the inside). Make sure your edges are aligned and measure an 18 inch square with your ruler. If necessary, use sewing pins to secure the edges.

After you have everything measured, cut the square out. You should have two large squares. Take the ruler and chalk and measure a ½ inch seam allowance around your entire square. This will be your guide for stitching the fabric.


Begin sewing along the seam allowance. Sew three of the four sides of the square completely. Only stitch half way on the fourth side. The opening will be used for stuffing. Flip the square inside out.


Beginning from the corner and moving outwards, stuff your pillow with fluff. This allows for even distribution of fluff throughout the pillow. The more fluff you add, the sturdier the pillow.

After you finish stuffing your pillow, you need to sew your pillow shut. Thread your needle and start an over stitch by running your needle through the inside first. Try your best to have your fabric fold in the same manner (1/2 inch seam allowance) as the other sides of your pillow. As you stitch, add a little more fluff to straighten out that particular edge and corner.


Here is my finished product. Use your pillow for decoration, sleep or throwing!


DIY Throw Pillow Video Tutorial

(Updated May 9,2016)

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