How To Make 3-D Butterfly Wall Decals

butterfly wall decals

Next up in my #diydorm series is a 3-D butterfly set. These little creatures fluttered around my dorm room last school year. The idea for these decorations came from a similar item I saw at Target. It was a set of six plastic 3-D butterflies for roughly twenty dollars. Instead of purchasing them, I decided to create my own using paper.

Materials & Equipment

butterfly wall decal supplies

For this DIY project, you will need card stock or thick scrapbook paper, a butterfly stencil, a hot glue gun, and a pair of scissors.


Trace three butterflies onto the cardstock and cut them from the paper.

do it yourself butterfly wall artdo it yourself butterfly wall decals

Fold two of the butterflies in half. The third butterfly will serve as the base of the decal.

how to make butterfly wall decals

Draw a thin line of glue on the spine of one butterfly. Firmly press the spine into the center of the butterfly base. Hold the butterfly in place until it dries. Repeat this step again with the remaining butterfly except place this butterfly in the center of the previous butterfly.

There you have it- 3-D butterfly wall decals! Attach them to the wall using double sided tape or thumb tacks.

3-d butterfly wall decor

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