DIY Photo Clip String Set + YouTube Video Tutorial

PC 12

One of my favorite DIY projects on Sharifa Creates is the photo clip string set. I created it within the first few months of starting this blog. I enjoyed making it and felt so accomplished hitting the publish button on that blog post.

I love the photo string post so much that I decided to make my very first YouTube video tutorial on it. Yes, a YouTube tutorial! Some people learn well with written instructions while others need a visual or mixture of both. For this reason I decided to expand Sharifa Creates to video.

Continue reading for an updated photo clip string set tutorial or skip to the end for the video. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and like/comment on my video!

How To Make A Photo Clip String Set


For this DIY project you will need clothespins, craft paint, glue and glitter (optional), photos and clippings, and twine. You will also need paintbrushes, two push pins and a pair of scissors.

PC 1


Paint the clothespins and let them dry. Sprinkle glitter on a sheet of newspaper. Paint a layer of glue on the clothespins and dab them in the glitter. Press the glitter down and allow the glue to dry completely. Adding glitter is optional.

PC 2PC 6

PC 10

Cut 54 inches of twine and tie loops on each end. Push the pins into the wall at a distance that will allow the twine to hang.  Hook the twine onto the push pins. Clip your photos and other items to the twine using the clothespins.

PC 7PC 3PC 5PC 9

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