5 Habits To Increase Productivity

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Ever spend more time figuring out what to do each day rather than actually doing it? Or maybe you know exactly what needs to be done, but you never accomplish it. Stop daydreaming and start doing with these 5 habits to increase productivity!

Create to-do lists.

At the beginning of the week, write a list of all tasks you need to complete. This is called a master list. Take items from that list and use it to populate a daily to-do list. Do this every day and you will complete every task on your master list by the end of the week. Be reasonable about your goals for the day, making sure you don’t over exert yourself.


Plan time for working, eating, sleeping, exercising and any other activities you engage in daily. It is not necessary to schedule every minute. However, you should know when and how much time you’ll need to complete each activity. Creating a schedule helps you focus and not waste time.

Work in distraction free zones.

Stop right now and make a list of things that trigger unproductivity. Is it TV, social media or even the refrigerator?  Remove these things from your work area or find a place to work where you can focus. Distractions kill productivity!


Do the things that are most important and urgent first. Don’t cheat yourself by doing something super easy, just to gain the satisfaction of striking something off your list. Knock the challenging things out of the way so you don’t procrastinate. You can breeze through the easier things later on.

Be grateful.

Be grateful for the work you have accomplished and carry that positive energy into the next day. Positivity breeds productivity. Don’t beat yourself up if you do not finish your to-do list for the day. Just move uncompleted task to the next day. If you get off schedule, simply try again the next day. Every new habit takes time to get used to. Soon enough you’ll find your bearings and own unique approach to being productive.

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Take 15 minutes today to read, write down, and meditate on this scripture: “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” – 1 Corinthians 13:7

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