8 DIY Office Decor Ideas


Your work environment influences your productivity. So why not work in a space that motivates you to be productive? You may not be able to control the size or location of your office or cubicle, but you can control what you put in it. Put on your crafting hat and make your own office décor!


If you’re good at telling time without numbers, this wooden DIY wall clock is just for you. (If you’re not, stick to a regular clock- you don’t want to miss any meetings.) The minimal design will definitely lighten your office’s mood.

Tired of using the same old brown clip board to take notes during meetings? Then consider creating a gold leaf brushed clipboard. It will get you excited about taking notes.


Everyone has frames filled with pictures of loved ones placed around their office. Take an unconventional route and display your pictures using a photo clip string set. Run some string along a wall and clip pictures or notes to it.

Now, what should you do with that empty picture frame? Hmm. Use it to make a desktop dry erase board. Write quick notes and reminders on it throughout the day.


Get rid of the two metal plates holding your books together and replace them with rock solid book ends. These ends add a unique twist to your office space while keeping your books in order.

You can also replace your basic gray mouse pad with floral mouse pad. You’ll have something picturesque to look at every time you reach for your mouse.


Paper tassels may have your office looking more like a party space, but they do add a great pop of color to the wall. Plus, they are super easy to make!

Say goodbye to the regular wall calendar. Instead of scratching through dates, flip through them with a perpetual flip calendar.

Whether you work a 9 to 5 or set your own schedule from home, these ideas will definitely spruce up your office and inspire you to work.

chic file folders wm

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