Craftsmas Day 7: DIY Felt Cactus Ornament

cactus diy (3)

Nowadays anything can be made into an ornament even if it has nothing to do with Christmas. I’ve seen everything from pizza and donuts to cellphones and coffee cups as ornaments. So this year I thought, why not make a cactus ornament? It would make a super adorable and unique trimming plus it’s trendy!

If you cannot resist the urge to decorate your tree with cacti, then keep reading to learn how to create a felt cactus ornament. They take a bit of patience to make, but I promise you it’s all worth it in the end!

DIY Felt Cactus Ornament



For this DIY project you will need green felt, embroidery thread and needle, fiberfill, and beads (optional). You also need a basic knowledge of embroidering and sewing techniques.


Draw the shape of a cactus onto the felt. Cactus come in various shapes and sizes, so feel free to experiment.

Fold the felt in half and cut the cactus from it. You should now have two pieces. One will be the front of the cactus and the other the back.


Embroider the front piece of the cactus. Cacti have spikes and lines. Interpret spikes with a cross stitch and lines with a basic straight stitch.

Optional: Add beads as you embroider to embellish the cactus.


Stitch the front and back of the cactus together with a whip stitch (right sides out). Leave a small opening to add fiberfill.


Gently stuff the cactus with fiberfill. Close the opening with a few whip stitches.


Thread your needle, but do not tie a knot in the thread. Pull the needle and thread through the top of the cactus until you have enough length for the ornament to hang from a tree. Cut the thread and tie a knot at the end.

79cactus diy (2)

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