DIY Graduation Party Decorations

reese's pieces graduation caps

Graduation season is in full effect! Students are earning everything from kindergarten and high school diplomas to bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Obtaining a degree is no easy feat, so congratulations to those moving on up!

A graduation is a cause for celebration, right? And, a celebration is not complete without bomb party décor. Here are some graduation party décor ideas to celebrate the grad in your life! Continue reading “DIY Graduation Party Decorations”

DIY Glitter and Confetti Baubles

DIY Bauble Ornaments

On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… bauble ornaments!

When I was growing up, the Christmas trees in my house had everything on them except bauble ornaments. The baubles of that age were made with glass and my parents feared that my siblings and I would break them and accidentally cut ourselves.

Thankfully, baubles are now made with plastic. What’s even better is that they are inexpensive and convenient for crafting. I had to create my own DIY project for them!

Here’s how to make glitter and confetti baubles:

bauble equipment Continue reading “DIY Glitter and Confetti Baubles”

How To Make Confetti


Everyone loves confetti, right?! It adds the extra wow factor to surprises and celebrations. It also makes grand appearances at Dancing with the Stars, the Super Bowl, and the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in New York City. Confetti is important!

Confetti is as good for your mood as it is for celebrations. I learned this in elementary school. After long, hard days of learning how to multiply numbers, I would go home and make confetti. Then, I would throw it in the air and twirl in it until I felt better. Too cute!

TODAY I’m going to show you how to make confetti. This will be the EASIEST tutorial you will EVER see on Sharifa Creates. Let’s get started! Continue reading “How To Make Confetti”