How to Make a Photo Clip String Set

photo clip string set diy wall decor

Learn how to make a photo clip string set in this DIY project. This piece of wall art can easily be made from common household items. Continue reading for the tutorial!

How To Make A Photo Clip String Set


  • Clothespins
  • Cord or twine
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Permanent marker
  • Items that can be attached to the string set

photo string set materials

liquitex acrylic paint


Paint the clothespins with at least two layers of paint. Once the paint dries, use a permanent marker to add a unique design to each clothespin.

dorm decor photo clip string set

Tie a knot on each end of the cord and attach it on the wall with thumbtacks. Clip your photos and other items to the cord.

home decor photo clip string setphoto clip string diyphoto clip string setphoto clip string set diy project

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