DIY Christmas Pennant Banner

pennant banner (3)

Another Christmas DIY project. Enjoy!

Materials & Equipment:

Scrapbook paper, cardstock, ribbon, scissors, a ruler, and a hole puncher


  1. Use the cardstock to create an isosceles triangle stencil. My triangle measured 8 ½” tall and 5 ½” wide with 9” long sides.
  2. Trace triangles onto the scrapbook paper. I traced three pennants onto one sheet of scrapbook paper- making twelve pennants total.
  3. Cut the pennants. If the pennants are not strong enough to stand on their own, glue cardstock to the back for reinforcement.
  4. Punch two holes at the top of each pennant, one in each corner. Try to make the holes the same distance apart on each pennant. Tip: I used my first hole-punched pennant as a guide for the remaining pennants. I placed that pennant on top of the others and punched holes through the open holes.
  5. Cut enough ribbon to hold the pennants. Run the ribbon through the holes. Tie loops at the end of each ribbon for hanging and you’re done!

pennant banner (1)pennant banner (2)

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