My Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers


This post has been updated! Check out My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers.

In 4 Ways to Spark Creativity, I mentioned that one way to become inspired is through learning new techniques. I practice this by reading numerous craft books, scrolling through Pinterest and, most recently, watching YouTube video tutorials. Of the DIY video tutorials available, I especially enjoy sewing vlogs. When it comes to sewing, the best way I learn is by watching, not reading.

Any time I want to make a new piece of clothing, I head straight to YouTube. There are vloggers that teach everything from threading a needle to constructing prom dresses. I even created a YouTube channel to share my knowledge of sewing and crafting.

I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite sewing vloggers. I hope you find them and their channels as informative as I do.


As someone who prefers to make my own sewing patterns, I absolutely love Q2HAN. This channel is run by twin sisters and they show you how to make neat, reusable patterns for each of their projects. You are able to see how clothing is constructed in easy to follow sewing tutorials.


Jocy P. Fortes is the creator behind pinkchocolatebreak. What I appreciate about her channel is that she provides quick tutorials for clothing that seems like it would take days to make. Fortes uses her own clothing as pattern pieces and the smallest amounts of fabric possible. I subscribed to pinkchocolatebreak last year after finding a tutorial for palazzo pants. With the instructions provided, I created my own pants in less than two hours.


withwendy is an amazing YouTube channel with well made, high quality sewing tutorials. The creator, Wendy gives detailed and concise explanations for each project. You can find tutorials for latest clothing trends such as fringe shorts, denim button up shirts and slip dresses. Anytime I want to challenge my sewing capabilities, I head to this channel. With Wendy I learned how to make circle skirts.


Sharifa Creates

My YouTube channel is an extension of the blog! You’ll be able to find to video tutorials for sewing and craft projects. Subscribe to Sharifa Creates to see all that’s available.

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