Decorating My Planner

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Towards the end of 2015, I scrambled to find a planner for 2016. I looked online and in local bookstores to no avail. The planners I found were too expensive and did not fit my personal taste. Finally, I visited the dollar section of Target and found planners for $3! I quickly purchased one.

2 Planner Before

6 Planner Before

4 Planner Before

Although my planner had a nice, simple design, I decided to decorate it with glitter paper, stickers, arrow shaped paper clips, and gold foil.

1 Materials

I created 2 rectangles using the glitter paper and glued them to the front and back of my planner. I cut the number ‘2016’ from the glitter paper so that the black portion could still show through. I eventually covered the black portion in gold foil.

5 Glitter paper

3 Paper attached

From there I attached a pink envelope to the inside of the back cover. I plan on putting notes, receipts and other important pieces of paper in there. Inside of my planner, I wrote down plans and denoted them with stickers and sticky notes.

9 Planner After8 Planner After

Don’t be afraid to do what I did! Buy an inexpensive planner and embellish it with scrapbook paper and stickers. Turn it into your dream planner!

13 Gold and glitter planner10 Planner After11 Planner


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