DIY Christmas Tree Headband

tree headband (19)wm

A few weeks ago, I came across the cutest Christmas tree headband at Forever 21. Instead of purchasing it, I challenged myself to make it!

Of course, I have to share the tutorial with you. This Christmas tree headband can be worn at a holiday party, while out shopping for gifts, or even on Christmas Day as you relax with family. It will put you in the Christmas spirit!

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Christmas Tree Headband Pattern – $6.00 USD

How To Make A Christmas Tree Headband


tree headband (2) wm


Fold the foam sheet in half. Use the Christmas tree headband pattern to trace two trees onto the sheet’s fold and then cut.

tree headband (4) wm

Then use the pattern to trace and cut two trees from the cardboard and four stars from the glitter paper.

tree headband (7) wm
tree stars

Glue the cardboard trees to the foam cut-outs.

tree headband (10)wm
tree headband (11)wm

Assemble the trees on the headband. Place the headband on the foam cut-out’s center. Glue the bottom portion of the foam to the top portion.

tree headband (12)wm

Glue stars to the front and back of each tree top.

tree headband (13)wm

Glue and wrap garland around the trees.

tree headband (14)wm
tree headband (15)wm

Trim the trees with pom poms.

tree headband (16)wm
tree headband (17)wm
tree headband (18)wm

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