My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers


The most popular blog post by far on Sharifa Creates has been My Favorite YouTube Sewing Vloggers. In it, I only listed three vloggers, so I’m back with a full list of 10! Hopefully this list will help you to learn everything you need to know about sewing and garment construction.

Tabitha Sewer

I’m so glad I found Tabitha Sewer’s YouTube channel. A few months ago, I needed to make a box pleated skirt. I watched video after video, but it wasn’t until I found a tutorial on Sewer’s channel that I clearly understood how to make one. She provides easy-to-follow instructions for trendy and chic clothing, especially skirts. Sewer also offers advice for starting a handmade business. Definitely check her out!


I came across Nadira037 a few years ago as I was looking for a wide leg pants tutorial. The tutorial was so great that I immediately subscribe to her channel! I love that Nadira specializes in making detailed tutorials for modest and elegant clothing. She also has various videos for sewing tips and tricks. Who knew that you could use freezer paper to make patterns or that foil paper can sharpen sewing scissors?


As someone who prefers to make my own patterns, I absolutely love Q2HAN. This channel is run by twin sisters and they show you how to make neat, reusable patterns for each of their projects. You are able to see how clothing is constructed in easy to follow sewing tutorials.


If you’re on a budget and cannot afford to buy new fabric every time you sew, Coolirpa is the sewing vlog for you. The creator, April takes thrifted clothing and transforms them into chic and modern apparel in her Thrifted Transformation series. Take out some old clothes and get to work!

Mimi G. Style

I’m not much of a premade pattern type of gal, but watching Mimi G. Style’s YouTube videos makes me want to give them another chance. Mimi G. uses patterns in the majority of her tutorials. Purchase the pattern and fabric and simply follow along. Her video tutorials are extremely detailed and her desire to teach others shines through!

Professor Pincushion

Professor Pincushion is the go to channel to learn all about the basics of sewing and garment making. Every seamstress needs to have this channel saved to their favorites. There are tutorials for everything from installing a zipper to working with sequin fabric.


Jocy P. Fortes is the creator behind pinkchocolatebreak. What I appreciate about her channel is that she provides quick tutorials for clothing that seems would take days to make. Fortes uses her own clothing as pattern pieces and the smallest amounts of fabric possible. I subscribed to pinkchocolatebreak last year after finding a tutorial for palazzo pants. With the instructions provided, I created my own in less than two hours.

The Crafty Gemini

As the name implies, The Crafty Gemini is a pretty crafty sewing channel. There are DIY projects for clothing, accessories, toys and basically anything that can be sewn. I appreciate that she provides tutorials for quilting. I have yet to dive into the quilting world, but when I do, I’ll definitely binge watch The Crafty Gemini’s tutorials. She is very enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with others.


withwendy is an amazing YouTube channel with well made, high quality sewing tutorials. The creator, Wendy gives detailed and concise explanations for each project. You can find tutorials for the latest clothing trends such as fringe shorts, denim button up shirts and slip dresses. Anytime I want to challenge my sewing capabilities, I head to this channel. With Wendy I learned how to make circle skirts.

10 Sharifa Creates

I could not finish the list without including my own channel (shameless plug!). Sharifa Creates on YouTube is an extension of my blog. I create video tutorials for sewing and craft projects. Subscribe so that you can see ALL of my new content!

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

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