How To Make A Splatter Paint Ring Holder

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Lately, I have been obsessed with rings. I love rings that can be layered, so I usually purchase bulk packs from Forever 21 to mix and match. With all of the rings that I collect, I needed a place to store and easily access them. So, in typical fashion, I saw this as an opportunity to make my own ring holder. It took no time for me to create and customize my ring holder. I’m talking about less than 30 minutes type of fast. In today’s blog post I will show you exactly how I made my splatter paint ring holder.

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Materials & Equipment

materials ring holder

For this DIY project, you will need a clay saucer, white and black paint (or two different colors of paint), a slim paintbrush, and a foam paintbrush.


Use the foam brush to paint two layers of white paint onto the clay saucer and let it dry. Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

ring holder diy

Mix a drop of black paint with twice the amount of water. Saturate the slim paintbrush with the paint and water mixture. Flick the paint from the brush onto the pottery dish to create a splatter effect.

paint splatterjewelry dish diy

Let the paint dry and place your rings in the ring holder!

ring holder how torings on fingerjewelry tray how to

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