How To Make A Decorative Catch-All Tray

decorative catch all tray 1 wm

Catch-all trays are useful for holding jewelry, keys, nail polish, and other small items. They have existed for decades, but only recently have been made to display witty and motivational messages. These trays cost upwards of $20 at certain home décor retailers. Fortunately, you can DIY one with items found at the dollar store. Keep reading to learn how to make a decorative catch-all tray!

How To Make A Decorative Catch-All Tray


Picture Frame

Printer and Paper




  1. Type and print your favorite quote or scripture. You can also use patterned scrapbook paper to create a unique interior.
  2. Detach the front portion of the frame from the back.
  3. If necessary, cut the printed message down to size. Center the back portion of the frame on the printed message then trace and cut.
  4. Reassemble the frame with the printed message or scrapbook paper in place of a photograph.

Place your decorative tray on an entryway or bedside table to conveniently catch rings, bracelets, and keys!

decorative catch all tray 3 wmdecorative catch all tray 4 wm

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