DIY Glitter Christmas Trees

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On the 7th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Glitter Christmas Trees!

Most people put their Christmas tree up in the days following Thanksgiving Day. My family, however, waits until the day before Christmas to put the tree up. I think Christmas just catches my family off guard, but we always pull it off.

For Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas, I’ll show you how to DIY a Christmas tree that takes no time to put up!

Here’s how to make a Glitter Christmas Tree:



Glitter paper


(*Optional: I added cardstock to cover the back of the glitter paper and add extra reinforcement for the Christmas tree.)

A triangle stencil with a height of 9 inches and a base of 6 inches


Mod podge or glue

Scissors or X-acto knife



The instructions I provide are for two Christmas trees.

Trace four triangles onto the glitter paper and cut them out.

TracingTree cut outs

Glue the triangles to the cardstock. Let the glue dry and cut the triangles from the cardstock.

Tree backsCut outs 2

TIP: It helps to place the triangles between two heavy books so they can dry flat.

Draw a line that splits the triangles in half vertically. Measure 4.5” down each vertical line and draw a point.

Now work in pairs. Take one triangle and cut to the point from the top of the triangle. Take the other triangle and cut to the point from the bottom of the triangle. Repeat this step with the remaining pair of triangles.

Cutting outline

Use the slits to slide the each pair of triangles together. Adjust the triangles so that they can stand alone as Christmas trees.

Christmas tree 4Christmas tree 2Christmas tree 3Christmas tree 5

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