Corkboard Vision Board DIY


“Then the Lord told me: ‘I will give you my message in the form of a vision. Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance. At the time I have decided, my words will come true. You can trust what I say about the future. It may take a long time, but keep on waiting— it will happen!’” – Habakkuk 2:2-3, CEV

God has a purpose for everyone! Isn’t that amazing news? What’s even more amazing is that we don’t have to figure out our purpose on our own. When we seek after God, He reveals His purpose to us through His word and equips us with the tools to carry it out. One tool that God blesses us with is vision.

Vision is the ability to imagine our future-selves working and attaining specific things to accomplish our purpose. Vision is often revealed step by step and can evolve overtime as we receive more direction and draw closer to God. As God blesses us with vision, we are called to act on it. We are not in this alone- God’s grace and strenginstagram-images-4th help us along. To act on our vision we must be reminded of it every day so that we are motivated to work on it. When God calls us to do something, we must do it!

Use a vision board to motivate you! They are easy to make and effective. It is never too late to create a vision board because vision casting is a year round process. Vision boards can be used for a specific goal that God has placed on your heart or multiple visions that He has given you. Gather some images and words that represent your vision from magazines and the internet and join me in making a corkboard vision board.

How To Make A Corkboard Vision Board


For this DIY project you will need a corkboard, craft paint and a paintbrush, masking tape, a hot glue gun, and metal clips. Both hinge and binder clips both work well for this project. As mentioned before, you will need images from magazines and the internet along with push pins and tape.



Quick note: My corkboard was a bit flimsy. To reinforce the board, I cut a foam board to its size and hot glued it to the back.

Use the masking tape to create a pattern on the corkboard. Place a few strips on the board in a design of your choice. Paint between two and three layers of paint onto the corkboard.


Remove the tape once the paint dries.


Now attach the metal clips to the corkboard. Use a ruler to place them an equal distance apart from one another. My board measured twelve inches by twelve inches, so I placed my clips three inches from the bottom of the board and three inches away from each other. Hot glue the clips to the board.


Pin, clip, and tape your vision to the board. Because the board is made from cork, you can easily rearrange and add items as your vision evolves. Place your vision board in a place where you can see it daily. Before you know it, you’ll be walking in your purpose!


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